Like many angsty teens, I started playing guitar and writing songs in high school. Throughout my college years I played local gigs, ultimately changing my major from Pre-Med to Music.

For years after, I worked as a recording engineer and arranger/producer while continuing to write songs and perform. Along the way, I won a grand prize in the American Song Festival for “You Love Love (More Than You Love Me)” — which ended up on a top 20 album by the British Pop group Bucks Fizz.

Ironically, it was about that time that my wife and I were starting our family and I opted out of the Music Biz, beginning a career in software and UX design. But I continued to compose, produce and occasionally perform over the years.

More recently, I’ve come full circle to full time music-making as a composer/songwriter, guitarist/singer and arranger/producer.

With that, I invite you to check out my latest music projects and back catalog highlights.